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Palatino Jamaican Restaurant Wynwood



Written by  Jason Walker

Flavors of Cuba and Haiti are more likely found in this area. Jamaica is rare. So, I finally decided to visit the Palatino Jamaican Restaurant and Ice Cream Parlor. The first intriguing surprise was the hostess who greeted me. She was Haitian. That’s not the norm in a Jamaican restaurant. But Nadine Patrice co-owns the restaurant with her Jamaican husband Ian Curtis, also known as “Chef Slim”. Patrice greets me with an inviting smile.

“Although I am from Haiti and my husband is Jamaican, once we decided to make it a Jamaican restaurant we wanted to keep it authentic,” she explained. “Therefore, we have all the best Jamaican dishes. “We serve ackee and salt fish all day, not just for breakfast.” As one customer put it: “The best ackee and salt fish outside of Jamaica except for my grandmother.”


Walking into the restaurant, visitors are met with the amazing aroma of Jamaican food. But the restaurant is also attractively decorated, beautiful paintings and plaques with insightful and powerful messages occupy most of the wall space. The art sold to support the cause of reforestation in Haiti, after the Caribbean nation was ravaged. While I wait for the food, Patrice describes Operation Green Leaves, a non-profit organization dedicated to the cause.

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